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Moving Supplies

Moving supplies, boxes, locks and tape are available at Safe Storage Depot.

1.5 Cube Box

1.5 Cube box

Ideal for packing books, videos and other heavy items.

Sizes Available: 16"x13"x13" $1.99 ea

2 Cube Box

2 and 3 Cube box

Ideal for packing books, magazines, DVD's, etc...

Sizes Available:2Cube box 18"x15"x12.5" $2.49ea 3Cube box 18"x17.875x16 $3.49

4 and 5 Cube Box

4 and 5 Cube box

Ideal for linen, clothing, pillows, etc....

Sizes Available: 4Cube box 18"x18"x21" $3.79 5Cube box 18"x18"x27"$4.99

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe Box

For your prized clothing, suits dresses etc, comes with hanger bar

Sizes Available: 24"x24"x42" 20.99

Large Mirro Box

Large Mirror / Picture Box

For your large mirror and pictures

Sizes Available: 2 pcs 42.4375"x3.9375"x36" 20.99